Hartur Ultrasound Pricing

10 Sessions $1200 + gst plus free home care product

20 Sessions $2050 + gst plus 2x the free home care product

30 Sessions $3050 + gst plus 3x the free home care product

A complimentary wrap will be given after the completion of all your sessions

Hartur Ultrasound Cellulite Treatments

Hartur Ultrasound is a powerful and precise piece of equipment that gives excellent results. It is a 1 MHz device with a 3 watt output, and works to a depth of approximately 5 centimeters. Operation is totally flexible, with pulsed and continuous modes.

Standard programs are held in fast access memory, and experienced therapists can develop and store up to ninety-six additional programs, so that individual clients can receive treatments in line with their own individual requirements at the touch of a button.

In our experience they feel extremely relaxed throughout the whole process, and the therapists involved immensely enjoy giving this uniquely effective treatment.

We only use "Eminence Organic Skin Care" for all Ultrasound Cellulite Removal treatments. The products are: Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment, Cinnamon Paprika Body Lotion, Fire Thorn Treatment, and Naseberry Body Lotion. More info on these products can be found at: www.eminenceorganics.com/products/index.php

How Hartur Ultrasound Works

Hartur Ultrasound is the result of extensive research into the uses of Ultrasound waves in medicine and cosmetology. Ultrasound stimulation of the fat cells beneath the skin has the effect of eliminating the toxins which have become rigid within the tissues, and which cause the unsightly orange peel effect known as cellulite.

The Hartur Ultrasound machine is the most technologically advanced equipment of its kind currently available. Therapy is sensation free, relaxing and very comfortable, giving unrivalled results.

Ultrasound refers to sound waves whose frequency is beyond the ability of the human ear to hear. These Ultrasound waves cause minute vibration within the molecules of the fat cells beneath the skin, creating a micro-massaging effect. Heat is produced at the point of the treatment and the rigid toxin deposits around the fat cells are broken down dispersing the cellulite.

The Complete Treatment

The full Hartur Ultrasound treatment requires the use of the Ultrasound machine, together with specialized massage. The combination of these techniques effectively breaks down then eliminates the calcified deposits. We recommend a client takes a course of ten treatments, each treatment taking one hour.

Treatment starts with body brushing for approximately five minutes to stimulate the circulation and exfoliate the area to be treated. The next step involves a brief massage using special movements to warm the tissues and stimulate lymphatic drainage.

The Hartur Ultrasound is then used for between twenty and thirty minutes depending upon which programme is chosen. The therapist simply applies our water soluble gel – which allows the Ultrasound wave to penetrate – and moves the head of the unit in small circular upward and inward movements.

In the final part of the treatment, the therapist carries out approximately twenty minutes of deep lymphatic massage designed to move the broken-down calcified deposits away to the nearest lymph nodes for natural elimination. We have devised a very precise series of movements for the best effect, and the therapist will feel a distinct popping sensation as she works the deposits away.


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