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Frequently Asked Questions

What results can I expect to see after 1 session, 10 sessions, and 20 sessions?

After 1 session you are guaranteed to lose a minimum of 1-3 inches on your chosen area. After a course of 10 sessions in one area WE EXPECT YOU TO LOSE 1 inch from your rib cage, 2 inches from your waist, and 2 inches from your abdomen.

After 20 sessions you will generally lose half of what you lost in the first 10 sessions. Therefore if the client lost 1 inch off their rib cage, 2 inches off their waist, and 2 inches off their abdomen after 10 sessions. They are expected to have lost an additional 0.5 inches off their rib cage, 1 inch off their waist, and 1 inch off their abdomen after 20 sessions.

How often should I get a Eurowave Pro treatment?

It is very important to be having sessions CONSISTENTLY 2-3 times a week. Because the Eurowave Pro works on creating muscle memory to achieve a more toned muscle, the muscle needs to be consistently triggered by the wave to achieve the best result for the client. You can't go to the gym once a month and expect to see a result; the same theory goes with the Eurowave Pro. The more you go, the better and faster the client will see the results.

Can I get a treatment done everyday?

No, it is very important you have at least 1 day break after each session. If you go too often you could risk overworking the muscle, which could actually result in building the muscle making a more bigger/bulkier look as opposed to slimming and toning the muscle to produce a leaner look.

How long will the results stay off after 1 session, 10 sessions, and 20 sessions?

After 1 session the result will stay off for 3 days if you do not chose to continue with the sessions. If you continue and have a course of 10 sessions or 20 sessions done, the result will stay off for 6 months if the client does no form of exercise, and maintains their weight.

Can the Eurowave Pro cause any extra cramping during a women's menstrual cycle?

No, the Eurowave Pro can actually help to alleviate any cramps during a women's menstrual cycle.

Is it safe, are there any side effects?

The only side effect is your clothes get too big! The machine is CSA approved and FDA listed and has undergone rigorous medical equipment testing to provide a completely safe and effective treatment.

Will a client lose weight during their treatments?

No, the treatment itself focuses on inch loss not weight, because its your inches that stop you wearing the clothes that you want, a person going to the gym will actually weigh more than someone who doesn't work out even though they are smaller because they are toned, and that is what you will be achieving through the Eurowave Pro-inch loss through toning.

Will the client lose more inches if I put the intensity higher?

No, the treatment works on isometric toning of the muscle by causing it to repetitively contract and relax the same as if it was carrying out normal exercise functions. If you put the intensity too high you risk building the muscle and increasing the muscle mass not toning and reducing it.

Is it normal for a client to need the washroom after a treatment?

Yes, the contraction and relaxation of the muscles move the lymphatic system the same as during normal exercise, so it is perfectly normal for the body to rebalance upon completing the session.

Is it normal for a client to still feel tingling in the muscle after the treatment stops.

Yes, it is just the last part or the residual effect of the treatment still working,. Normally the sensation can last around 5 – 10 minutes though some clients never experience it.


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